Oct 6, 2015

How to Use Your Stale Kale Chips

We all know that kale is super nutritious (and correspondingly very green-tasting).

Even though my hubby and I are quite health-conscious, we still have to dress kale up a bit...

Our favorite ways to enjoy kale is in the form of kale chips or semi-hidden in soup.

Kale chips are great for a while but one does finally get tired of them. I've tossed more packages of stale chips than I'd like to admit.

But when it comes to foods that I make, it's especially hard for me to see them go to waste.

Our favorite kale chips are those I make at home. I dehydrate them at a low temperature (about 105 degreed Fahrenheit) so they keep their health-promoting enzymes. I douse the torn pieces of kale in olive oil and then sprinkle the desired amount of garlic salt, mix well, spread on dehydrator screens and dehydrate overnight.

--- When faced with buying a store-bought brand my hubby likes the Kale Krunch by Alive & Radiant. Check out the flavors! ---

Ok, back to what I meant to write about... so what do you do (other than throwing them away) with stale(ish) kale chips? 

Toss them in your soup! That's right! No need to sauté kale, trying to get it to a palatable taste and texture, just toss in the chips and they will have great flavor and add a nice twist to things- especially veggie soup!

I did this the other day and just had to pass on the good news!


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Go eat stale kale!
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