Sep 27, 2015

My 11+ Most Favorite Natural Remedies and Preventatives for the Cold & Flu Season

We call it preventing the "Cold & Flu" but let's be real... 

What we're really talking about is preventing or diminishing 

miserable symptoms and valuable time away from work, school and life!

In Weight Free Wellness I promote keeping things simple. This means supporting the body by giving it what it needs to do it's job. This includes water, rest, exercise, fresh food, to name the basics.

Sometimes... Let me rephrase... Oftentimes our body needs extra support to deal with all of the stressors we encounter, not to mention fending off this season's new bug!

Let's start with Prevention

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that dark fruits and seeds support our vital force energy, directly affecting and improving our immune health.

This leads me to my first fav'...

#1     Elderberry Syrup

It's simple to make, tastes good and is a well-rounded recipe with ingredients to support the body. In the description in my Cookbook you'll get tips on how to source Elderberries and details on making and even gifting this highly valuable syrup!

Get This Recipe Here... and Much More!

Elderberry Syrup Recipe - Support the body - Prevent cold and flu

#2     Raindrop Remedy Formula

You know that achy feeling you get at the onset of a nasty bug? I started getting that a couple of days ago. I started taking the above remedies as well as rubbing my own mixture of several therapeutic essential oils on my feet and along my spine. The powerful therapeutic grade essential oils are naturally antibacterial and antiviral and help the body to have a strong defense. Additionally, if I feel the aches of the flu coming, I like to massage this oil along my spine at night. I feel much better the next morning!

How to make the Raindrop Formula:

I add the following *Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to a 3 oz. bottle of massage oil: 4 drops of oregano, 4 drops of thyme, 4 drops of basil, 4 drops cypress, 4 drops of wintergreen, 8 drop of marjoram, 8 drops of Aroma Seiz, 8 drops of peppermint, 8 drops of Valor

Ordering one of each bottle will be enough oils to make at least 10 massage bottles of Raindrop mixture.

(Consult your physician or pharmacist for drug interactions and read instructions before using oils. Epileptics should not use wintergreen.)

*Anything other than therapeutic grade oils can be toxic.

Find the Raindrop Oils here.

#3     Oil-infused Handwashes, etc.

Another preventative I will mention is actually a group of products from the Young Living line brand of Therapeutic Essential Oil products.

Why the name Thieves?

The story goes that the recipe for Thieves combination of herbs was passed down from the time of the Black Plague- when a group of bandits where found to not only be looting dead bodies (not all that uncommon) but surviving The Plague! They were apprehended but the authorities struck a deal to let them free if they shared the recipe for the cause of their amazing immunity. Here it is in an essential oil combination, waterless hand sanitizer, foaming hand soap and a handful of new products. They are perfect for travel too!

Keep in purse, car, diaper bag or on your desk and counter
for natural protection during cold and flu season!
Available here

#4     Vitamin D

This is the form of Vitamin D that I like the best. The first time I took it I felt my body quickly revive with energy; not the caffeine-like energy, but a deeper energy like what you feel upon awakening from a deep, refreshing sleep. 

Consult your primary health practitioner to discuss the form and amount of vitamin D that may be right for you.

Nutri-Dyn Vitamin D3

#5     Zinc

I first learned the effectiveness of zinc when I had a severe cold. After taking a couple of doses I felt much stronger and have not had more than mild symptoms of Cold or Flu in the couple of years since. 

The cough drops in the image are also a simple and palatable way to get zinc and the benefits of elderberry. I use these only in a pinch as they are rather sugary. 

Consult a practitioner for proper dosage and usage of zinc. While supplements can be extremely helpful, misuse can cause imbalance among other things. Zinc needs to be taken with food- it easily upsets the stomach.

Trace Minerals Ionic Zinc
Zand Elderberry Zinc

#6     Mushrooms

Fungi are starting to get the recognition they deserve. I take this tincture nearly daily during Cold & Flu season. Unlike many herbs, these fungi can be taken on a daily basis. To make my supplementing regimen simple, I usually add some to my Elderberry syrup mixture. Check out the TED talk!

More information here.

But what do you do when you already have come down with something?  :(

All of the above will still help!

Here are some of my favorite remedies that address more specific conditions...

#7     Sinus Support

Could a sinus infection quite possibly be the worst of Cold & Flu symptoms?

I start taking this remedy up to 2 capsules 3 times per day at the onset of symptoms. Nipping sinus infections in the bud while they are sprouting is SUPER IMPORTANT! ALSO, yes, this is very important... eliminate sugar from your diet until you are 100% better. Especially if you are suffering from or are prone to very intense sinus infections, even orange juice can exacerbate such an issue.

This can be found at some local herb shops as it is sold by local distributors. You can also order online here. Enter Sinus Support in the search box below my photo.

I keep a couple of bottles of Sinus Support on hand. When it's needed, it's needed ASAP!
Available here.

#8     Breathe Again

Earth-types are very prone to having bronchial infections. What is an Earth-type?

Taking the Free Body-type Assessment from my book is the perfect way to learn more. Get it here!

When I feel even the slightest cough or congestion starting in my chest I apply this oil. It's been very affective for me, friends and family. I keep it in my purse at all times- you never know when someone may need it!

I started feeling chest congestion. Put this on. Went away that day!
Available here.

#9     Oscillococcinum Homeopathic Remedy

Homeopathic remedies are weak but very strong. They are energetic natural medicines that have been around since the early 19th century. If you would like to learn more, here is a helpful article about homeopathic remedies from Dr. Weil's website. I personally get better results from herbs than homeopathics, but I have seen many cases where homeopathic remedies have helped people greatly. To me, they are an energetic medicine. Keep them away from electronic devices and especially cellular phones. Tap a couple of times in the container before using... those are just a few tricks ;)

Available at many local stores and online. Search 

Boiron Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Relief

#10     Gypsy Cold Care

Elder is so good, Traditional Medicinals puts it in their remedies too! While this is very comforting to drink (especially with honey) when you have a cold, I use it also when it's just "cold & flu season" and when those around me are sniffling and sneezing. If you're new to these teas, try the Seasonal Sampler which includes the Gypsy Cold Care.

#11     Egg Drop Soup

Last but certainly not least...

We know that homemade chicken soup is THE classic remedy for those who are ailing, but few have the time to make it!

Here's a solution. My Egg Drop soup!

You still get the benefits of the warm, nourishing chicken stock (I suggest you make several batches at once and freeze them in quart and pint size containers- one of the few things I freeze for later use... but I elaborate on this in my cookbook...)

In addition to the health-promoting stock, this recipe calls for onions which are in the allium family along with garlic which are known for their immune-boosting properties and in the herbal realms are known to help the bronchial and sinus regions.

For seasoning I add quality salt which helps those who are losing precious fluids and white pepper (to taste) which helps to open up passages to allow fever to naturally escape and to holistically cool the body.

Eggs are highly nutritious, and can be difficult to digest for anyone who is ailing or otherwise has weak digestion- but most can easily eat them in this soup.

Once stock is thawed (if needed) you can serve this in just 20 minutes!

Get This Recipe Here... and Much More!

Tara's Egg Drop Soup - Great nourishment for those with weak digestion and ailing bodies-
especially those suffering from cold and flu.

PS...  With cold and Flu season upon us I'm shuffling through my natural remedy cabinet and lo and behold I find more wonderful remedies!

#12     Neti-stik

The neti pot came into the spotlight when Oprah featured it as a must-have. Now, it doesn't seem such a craft thing to do- pour salt water through your nostril, carefully tipping the head to guide it through the sinus cavity to then pour out the other nostril.

I'm happy to say that there is an easier way to do this!

Check out this Neti-stik. Here's how they describe their wonderful product!

This compact aromatherapy inhaler fits easily into your pocket or purse for quick relief. Neti Stik™ contains an energizing blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, menthol, and lavender essential oils. Use alone, or as a perfect complement to daily Neti Pot™ use.
  • Temporary relief for stuffy noses
  • Clear and open, invigorating feeling
  • Great for travel and on the go
  • Extends the benefits of nasal irrigation
  • 2 oz

I wish you well-ness this Cold & Flu season - and always!

I must emphasize... the contents of this blog and website is not medical advice. Herbs are medicine and it's important to check with a trusted health practitioner regarding your herbs and pharmaceuticals. I am sharing what helps and has worked for me. 

Wishing you well-ness!