Sep 25, 2015

The Best Stuffed Peppers and Tomatoes!

This recipe has gotten great reviews from friends and family, from foodies to people who don’t even like sweet peppers! 

We just entered autumn here in Minnesota and the late summer veggies have peaked and are almost gone. It has been a great season for sweet peppers and tomatoes. 
Try this recipe while you can get the freshest ingredients!

  • Learn the secret ingredient that makes these stuffed peppers and/or tomatoes like no other!
  • How to prevent the peppers from having that bitter aftertaste.
  • Why this may be just the right dish for your Body-type!

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This recipe and many more are naturally gluten and dairy free!

This is a party in a pan with the vibrant colors and flavors!

During late summer we receive all kinds of colorful vegetables from our CSA, and I don’t just mean the usual green and red peppers. We get all kinds of jewels in our large 3/4 bushel box including purple carrots, yellow carrots, yellow peppers and beautiful orange and nearly purple tomatoes. For a real show-stopping presentation, include some of these veggies in this dish. 

You will find them in season at your local farmer’s market or coop.

Get This Recipe Here... and Much More!