About Tara

I tell you about me to connect to you . . .

Whenever I seek someone to teach me something, I really enjoy knowing about them. Understanding their journey not only helps me to feel-out if they have learned from experiences that can help me; it also helps me to feel that I am dealing with a real person, that I can sense that there is a soul on the other side of my computer or book.

So, over a period of time I'm going to expand this About Tara page. There's so much that I want to offer from my experiences because I know the challenges I went through were meant to be shared to help others, but how will you know what I can offer if I don't share them?

So, here we go!

Mud Pies and Grass Soup

Raised in a typical suburban Minnesota middle-class family there wasn't much to be said about mysticism in my family growing up. I found glimmering strands of it though, and that's all I needed.

Looking back, I know I was naturally drawn to seek what is beyond our physical world, while keeping my feet well planted in this world. There never was a conflict in me that these multiple worlds exist simultaneously and even work together. To me, it's always been that way.

Where did I find the shiny strands of mysticism in my relatively normal childhood? In old "western" movies and at church.

On the weekends on occasion, my dad would set me in front of the television to what he proclaimed to be yet another great "western". He operated the film projector in a local theatre as a youth, so he was very familiar with such movies.

I'm not sure if he was trying to keep me out of his hair, or what, but after some often initial resistance I would settle in and enjoy the movie.

After a short time I became very fond of the medicine men that would make all too often very short appearances in these movies. I love how they were so revered, wise, and saved the day in a very different way from the very corporeal cowboys.

I enjoyed trying to decipher their speech filled with pictures and references of all sorts (my introduction to metaphor) . . . most of all, I enjoyed the possibilities of healing and creating change by simply thinking differently.

On sunny days I would sit out on our front step with my tiny plastic kitchen set and make the perfect grass soup and mud pie. The dirt (I mean pie ingredients) had to be the perfect consistency to get a pie that would hold together well. I always finished a dish with the resident flowers of bush in the front of the house and then often just gaze at the trees and sky. I made these soups and pies more as medicinal preparations and offerings rather than food.

This is not me in the photo, but it is how I spent many hours as a child. 

The ants in the sidewalk were like little creatures to me and I was the large alien that sometimes created havoc in their world. Are there larger forces that seem to do such things in our lives that we simply see as enormous shadows and prying sticks, I thought? That was my introduction to the microcosm and macrocosm.

If I heard that it was a particularly hot, wet, dry season, I would pray for the remedy, as I heard the medicine men do. I felt delighted just to feel what I felt was a response in the shift of the wind.

As I mentioned, there was never a conflict for me between this seeming magical world and what was "real". This continued even as I entered the defined structures of school and a light-weight Catholic training.

And really, this isn't all about me! Tell me about you, interact with me on social media!

What Church and the Bible Really Taught Me . . .

 To come . . . 

Empowering Self-Healing . .  Teaching Self-Compassion 

. . . Why I teach self-healing and emphasize self-compassion . . . and what Oprah taught me about these things.

What Lead me to Write my Book

As a youngster I experienced the hardships of poor and degrading health that most people do not face until they are in their 50's and 60's. I was overweight, had a chronic and extremely painful skin condition, and experienced what would now likely be labeled as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac Disease and anxiety.

Now in my early 30's, I feel many times healthier than when I was 18 and am happy to share the secrets that helped me to obtain and maintain a healthy weight; as well as to feel energetic, balanced and content in life.

Talking to others about my journey, I was encouraged to write about my experience and findings in order to help others with similar struggles.

In my book, I explain the topic I am most sought after to teach . . . Body-typing! Learn which Body-type you most resemble, and the foods and the exercises that balance each Body-type.

I happily share my most recent healthy discoveries and creations on Facebook and Twitter and enjoy hearing from you!

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Favorite Quotes:

Be the change you wish to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi

We are all just walking each other home. - Ram Dass