Jan 30, 2016

Love and Opposites - It is Because They Oppose That They Work Together

Body-Typing is a helpful tool because we can take a step back, observe, and remember that there was once a time that we appreciated the opposite and complimentary characteristics in our partners: it is in this way that we make our unique music together.

Without the firm shore the ocean would not . . . TarasBook.com

The Magical Embrace

My husband and I have been married for 15 years.

15 years is long enough to look back on pictures of us together and say, "Wow! Who are those kids!?"

15 years is long enough to experience growth, failure, sadness, stagnancy, joy, happiness, hope... and to become new people, together yet separately.

While it seems we know all there is to know about one another, I am still pleasantly surprised to learn something new in my hubby; something that could only have been discovered by making it this far on this particular timeline together.

So, the magical embrace... what is this?

I still remember the first time Jon and I embraced. It was like being enveloped by a warm bath on a cool and exhausting day: it was coming home to the smell of my favorite meal after months of homesickness and longing: it was sitting by the warm fire in a state of bliss that leaves you feel like you're floating, delightfully alone and simultaneously with ones most cherished friends.

Carrying this buoyant feeling for 15 years, I'll be honest, takes work.

But calling it "work" makes it sound grueling.

It doesn't have to be "work" or "grueling".

Over the years I've learned from my hubby, by his loving example, that this effort is and can be much like the "work" put into keeping a beautiful yard, preserving a prized vehicle or even preparing a meal.

Yes, it takes effort, but when done with the intention of love, caring, or pleasure, this sentiment takes the "work" out of it all.

When Jon and I mutually notice that we've hit a new level to our relationship--usually after overcoming some hardship together--we almost always seem to comment with longing for others to experience the recent treasure we've discovered, "With all the divorce out there, how many people are not experiencing what is beyond the hardship, and miss out of knowing one another on a deeper level?"

Accomplishing and overcoming together, tuning into one-another's needs and desires, light conversation, deep conversation, all help to reignite the feelings of "The Magical Embrace".

More to come on how to understand your and your partner's Body-type for Love Relationships...

Jan 6, 2016

LOVE - You don't even have to SAY IT to SAY IT!

You can still say "I Love YOU"

Even when... 
The ice between is too hard to break
Cobwebs of stories prevent going back
Fear stands in the way of moving forward
Longing turns to grief ... to sorrow ... of what may never be
Or this lifetime does not allow

... but there is still... LOVE

Whisper from the mind
Silently express with pulses from the heart

"I Love You"

Clears the way
Restores Hope
Makes possible

If not in this life... into the next.

LOVE - You don't even have to SAY IT to SAY IT!  TarasBook.com