Sep 25, 2015

Simple Solutions to Drink More Water

When talking health and wellness one of the first topics I bring up is drinking plenty of clean water.

So many people comment that they don’t like the taste of water!

Well, water is so important to our bodies that this simply cannot be an excuse!

In my free cookbook I give a simple recipe (honestly you could figure it out by looking at this picture) to make refreshing water. Did you know that these fruits and vegetable do more for our body than just please our tastebuds!?

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Here's a shortcut...

When in a pinch, I add Therapeutic Grade Essential oils to my water if I need a change or something refreshing.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are fit for consumption (note, not all oils can be used internally). My favorites to add to my water are: Citrus Fresh, Tangerine, Orange, Lemon, and Peppermint. If you are taking prescription medications be sure to check with your pharmacist before ingesting essential oils. Use only metal or glass containers when adding oils to your water as these oils can break down plastics- plus, it tastes better!

These citrus fruits also have the added benefits of naturally cooling the body and supporting healthy liver function.

Add just a couple of drops to your large glass or container of water, sip and enjoy!

Simple Solutions to Drink More Water -

Answers to common questions and concerns:

Whenever I start to drink more water I have to go to the bathroom all the time!

We are a very driven society and our adrenal grands (that sit on and affect our kidneys) are most often either on overdrive or are totally depleted. Both will cause frequent urination- one from the constant agitation from the adrenals, the other from a lack of "energy" to keep urine in the body. The latter is often accompanied by incontinence, lack of sexual drive, anal fissures and more.

It's imperative that we still drink water. Mineral-rich spring water will especially help those with adrenal fatigue. Also, naturally active Air-types who are adrenally exhausted need help in "wetting the sponge" so that they can better absorb and recirculate water within them rather than it just running through them (or metaphorically over the sponge).

Here's an example I like to use.

When you are cleaning a very dirty surface, you need to use a lot of solvent (namely water) initially. You may go through several buckets of warm water to them be able to do the finishing touches with just a couple of buckets of water and cleaner.

If you have lived the standard life in food and habits and have not had enough clean water along the way (which is the standard) your "floors" are pretty dirty. When you begin to drink more water (adrenal function aside) you may be flushing out more water simply because the body is taking the opportunity to cleanse.

I drink about 2 quarts of water per day. After addressing cleansing, healthy adrenal function, caffeine consumption and my attitude about stressors; frequent urination is no longer an issue.

What "type" of water do you drink?

The information and studies on the best sources of water have changed regularly over the years and we have tried all kinds of solutions to have healthy water.

At our house, we have gone from carbon and UV filtering well water (when we had well water), to buying Reverse Osmosis water at the store, to installing an expensive RO system, to now buying spring water.

At the beginning of this journey, we looked into getting water at a local spring. There is a well-known natural spring near us in Minnesota on, yes, Spring Road. We were elated at first that such a treasured source could be relatively so near, but as I researched more, I did not feel comfortable about diving into this idea.

While the source was tested by the city for safety, the efficacy of the water could not be guaranteed. I spoke with the city official who worked in this department and I gained what I felt was some helpful information.

This spring is located in a narrow gorge that once must have poured water from the ancient shore of a tributary to what is now the Minnesota river.

The spring is in a populated Twin City suburb, and the city official explained that while the spring does indeed “spring” forth from the ground, it is more likely run-off water from streets and fertilized lawns that comes from the surrounding steep hills these days, than the naturally filtered water we might have enjoyed many years ago.

This made a lot of sense to me, and while I desired the naturally mineralized water from a spring; I also did not want to inadvertently contaminate our family.

Years and filtration systems later, we came upon this solution.

We order Mountain Valley spring water from a local distributor. Part of this solution came about because we now live in a suburban area where we can receive delivery of the large 5-gallon glass bottles.

Since we have switched from our RO water to this spring water my husband and I have felt aches, pains and even nagging “moods” go away. I’m not exaggerating... I don’t do that...

Since I’m asked so often what we do for water, I thought I’d share.

I will update this when and if this changes.

Wishing you well-ness!