Oct 14, 2015

Earth-types: A Compassionate View of the Love-Hate Relationship with Food

The Holidays can be challenging for all Types, but given that this season is tied together with Food, Family and Tradition--the 'things' Earth-types tend to value most--Earth-types are extra vulnerable during this festive season.

Earth-types are usually the ones who are hosting events, coordinating food, pulling out the decorations as soon as they can, and cherishing each memory tied with every memorable piece.

We all have an idealistic vision of how the holiday season should be- but the nurturing Earth-types are especially idealistic in this way.

Likely to suck-it-up for the sake of creating that quintessential holiday gathering, they will put-up with a lot of grief to have just a piece of this idealistic vision.

It's easy to love and care for an Earth-type very deeply, as they are the types who often share their love freely and consistently with us. 

Other Body-types can find themselves challenged during this season as they do not want to let down the beloved Earth-type in their life.


Others can feel stuck; wanting to please this nurturing figure in their life and not wanting to compromise their own values: having less tolerance to put up with s*** that others dish out during this season that Earth-types will endure for the cause.

An Earth-type will sense this struggle but in many cases will quietly (maybe this is more in the region of the country I live in) but persistently pressure others to follow suit. There can be a lot of guilt and shame that arrises from this silent but active battle.

Earth-types are the Body-type most likely to mask their feelings (or perhaps trying to elevate their mood) by eating foods.

Let's face it, who doesn't have family issues? But Earth-type would rather not see this reality.

The Holiday Season creates the perfect storm for turning to food for comfort: the volatile situation with family during a season when an Earth-type just wants to gather all their loved-ones, please their tummies with delicious food (that reminds them of good-times) but this idealistic vision is just so difficult to pull together... Sometimes the only solution seems to be to enjoy the foods (albeit alone and/or in secret) to conjure up warm memories of baking in the kitchen with grandma or with the kids when they were little.

For Earth-types, it's easy to escape into memories- and they are easily lead by the mementos and especially foods that take them there.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

Understanding this Type is a huge step towards dealing with this Type in a healthy and compassionate way during the holidays- especially if this Type is you!

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