Oct 23, 2015

Dairy and Gluten Free Pumpkin Custard

Warming spices like ginger and cinnamon not only taste delicious, they prepare our bodies for the cool months ahead.

Winter squashes are very nourishing and provide the body with valuable nutrients like vitamin A, but also other nutrients that are not currently measured in Western science but have been known and revered for thousands of years in traditional medicine practices that focus on supporting a healthy body, not solely curing ailments and dis-ease.

In the case of winter squashes, they provide a nourishing "yin" component, helping the body to build healthy blood and tissues- which is especially good for growing bodies and those who suffer from heat-related ailments like pink and red rashes, stiff joints or even hot tempers!

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Also, this recipe can be made with many kinds of moist, winter squash: butternut, acorn as well as pumpkins!

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Dairy Free Gluten Free Fall Custard and "whipped cream" WeightFreeWellness.com