Oct 24, 2015

What do you need?

The most challenging aspect of working primarily online is that I lack the feedback I normally thrive off of.

I love interacting with people, particularly my audience, so when I have the opportunity to speak to a group... I get very excited!

A simple nod, even a grimace is helpful feedback. I like to know that I am connecting with people, and most of all, offering what I have that they need.

What do you need?  WeightFreeWellness.com

So, I'm going to do a sort of informal survey over the next several days...

  • Do you sense that there is something you need, but you can't put your finger on it; unsure whether it's an emotional, health or even relationship issue?

  • Are you reacting very quickly and emotionally to things, and don't know where it's coming from or how to change?

  • Do you find yourself in patterns that aren't serving you, or even those around you?

  • Are you trying to 'be healthy' but feel stuck and not sure where to go or what to do?

I want to know where I can meet you, and help...

Over the next couple of days I will propose topics, and if they resonate, that is, you feel that you want to explore the topic more, please simply "like" the post. I'll interpret it as a nod. :)

Thank you!


If you can already tell this is going somewhere good...