Nov 11, 2015

How to Handle Seasonal Food Cravings Without Going Crazy!

The idea for this post came when I got home from yoga class and I found myself craving, no needing more food than usual.

So really, a plate full of nachos told me to write this...  ;)

Handling Seasonal Craving Without Going Crazy

When I thought about it... I distinctly noticed this feeling as... it's fall... it's time for warm, rich foods... like NOW!

I get it... I've been overweight and underweight in my life. I understand the struggle between what the body is craving and what the mind is reasonably (at first) trying to convince the body to do or feel... what it does or does not need.

In my Weight Free Wellness Programs I get into the meat and potatoes (Yum!) of tools for self-understanding, self-compassion and taking the weight off your own shoulders... which incidentally makes it much easier to lead a healthy life!

But for today, I'll share a few things that I've learned and have helped me over the years...

How to Handle those Fall and Winter Food Cravings:

Each Body-type has it's own unique challenges with Food during the Holidays...

  • Did you know that the craving for sweet things is very natural? In times when food was scarce (an argument could be made that real food still is) that this craving would lead us to eat sweet, calorie-rich foods when available, to store energy for times of scarcity. Satiate this true craving by eating seasonal, naturally sweet root vegetables (beets, carrots, sweet potatoes) and squashes. When you give the body what it is really seeking, cravings for processed sweets decreases. Seek high quality, organic foods whenever possible, not only because of chemicals that are spared for the Earth and our bodies, but these vegetables are often more nutrient-rich; it is the nutrients that our bodies deeply desire too, not just the taste! If weight management is a concern, eat these sweet vegetables for the noon meal and have vegetable soup or my easy and delicious Egg Drop Soup which can be made in just 20 minutes!

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  • On a similar note, if you are not already, take a multi mineral and multivitamin supplement. When the body is getting the nutrients it needs, we have fewer cravings. Did you know that our body cues us to the nutritional needs we have by the flavors we crave? Fascinating!

  • I know, here it is again... Yes, drink enough water! It's amazing how often hunger can be mistaken for what is really thirst!  Because I get asked so often... FYI- I drink Mountain Valley Spring water. 

  • Certain Body-types react differently to this season change. Earth-types are ready to cook and bake, settle in for the long winter with a good book or projects and have the hardest time not indulging in the warm, unctuous foods so typical of this season. For them it is most helpful to keep dairy intake to a minimum (as if it's a condiment), eat modest proportions of the sweet vegetables named above, and opt for evening dishes that are mostly made of cooked vegetables with tasty culinary herbs. This not only helps with weight management, but to help prevent ailments that Earth-types are prone to. For more on how to help balance the Earth-type, see my book, You-niversal Self-care. Fire-types typically have very active metabolisms and the sweet veggies help to naturally calm their fire and satiate cravings for sweets. (Earth-types eat sweets by sneaking them into their mouths over time, Fire-types binge-eat sweets...) Air-types need to eat hearty foods more than others to help keep them grounded, balanced and naturally well-energized. While Air-types are notorious for being able to eat a lot and not gain a pound; eating predominantly processed foods depletes the Air-type of energy more than anything. They may feel an initial spike in energy, but they most often feel the crash at the end.

  • There are so many things I could list, but I'm striving to keep it basic. Why not list the entire list? Well, because I've found that when you address core issues, the many other things are automatically taken care of. So, finally, rest. Get 6-8 hours of quality sleep. Turn off screens at least 1 hour before bed. Sleep a regular schedule. Don't eat at least 3 hours before bed. Avoid drinking alcohol or stimulants, late in the day especially. Notice if anything else you are doing is disturbing your sleep. If you're doing these things and it's still not working, I recommend seeing a professional. This is a topic worth expanding- I'll likely write more in the future.

Which Body-type 'are' you?

For more about Body-typing:

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Last, but not least- as I say in many of my classes... Have compassion for yourself...

Tweet: Work WITH your body rather than working ON it!

Tweet: Work WITH your body rather than working ON it!

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Wishing you well-ness!
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