Nov 3, 2015

Air-types: Managing the Holidays with Food Sensitivities

All Body-types can experience digestive issues, but the Air-type, with their more delicate make-up is more easily thrown off balance.

Managing the Holidays with Food Sensitivities -

The Holiday season provides a perfect recipe for Air-types to be thrown off: time crunches which leads to less time for self-care, which leads to less time for typical meal preparation, not enough sleep, and the increasing to-do list adding to the buzz of an already normally hyper-active Air mind... whew! Just reading this could make any Type anxious and tired.

We have so many things pulling on us just in normal, daily life, but during the holidays there are more events, more food to prepare and more social pressures to live up to or stand your ground. It all takes energy.

The volatile Air-type needs to approach the Holidays with simple objectives in mind. I suggest that before dates start being exchanged and roles are divvied out; tune into yourself.

How many events per week or per month will you commit to?

Which self-care habits will you be adamant about keeping (baths, exercise, time alone, etc.)

Which foods do you know throw you off and which ones help you to feel well? Get clear on how you feel after consuming each of them so that just the thought of it makes you clear on whether you want to consume it (yay, this feels good!) or not (oh no, this feels very bad!).

As I explain in my book, You-niversal Self-care, Air-Types tend to react to their environments (much like the air patterns of weather systems).

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It takes a lot of dedication and forethought, but when Air-types create a healthy and helpful environment for themselves, it's not only easier for them to keep making these helpful decisions, but others in their life also benefit from their more even-keel mental, emotional and physical state.

Let's talk some more about how Air-types can keep those healthy food habits during the Holidays.

I have a lot to share on this topic as I have a lot of Air-tendencies myself. It will also be insightful for you to understand the Air-types in your life!

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