Oct 29, 2015

Standing in the Line of Fire

It's a lot easier for me to just do my own thing; work at our traditional-type business Baklund R&D, go to yoga class, do my studies, keep a warm home and be a loving companion to my hubby... I love doing all this...

If this is all I was called to do- I would be very content...

Standing in the Line of Fire  TarasBook.com

But the truth is I've been pulled to be more, to contribute more to society than through my friends and family. I've fought it for years, bargaining that everything is just fine where I am. I'm comfortable (except for this nagging feeling) and my life is better left un-complicated.

Well, I've given in. I'm coming out of my closet... or out of my enchanted woods, as I see it.

I'm leaving the familiar world of the woods, entering the beautiful yet harried town... HERE I AM, how may I serve?

As anyone experiences who steps onto a new path, this process has caused me to face many vulnerabilities: speaking from deep within and being open to judgment, writing and writing and writing and being open to grammatical criticisms, stepping out on faith that what is pouring through me is not falling on deaf ears... that the nagging feeling I've had for years was so that I can meet you and give you a piece of peace, who wants it?

Often it feels like I am willingly standing "In the Line of Fire"!

I dedicate this post to the Fire element...

Fire is:
That which helps us to be decisive, draw boundaries, say what needs to be said; but that which also can be hasty, cut too soon, say what need not be said when considering the other elements.

More about Fire...

This Holiday Season I will address the Fire Element a number of times. This week I am presenting the Fire-type and Food.

Join me, interacting with you makes being "In the Line of Fire" so worth it!

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