Oct 25, 2015

Fire-types: Food and the Holidays

It's easiest to spot a Fire-type any day or time, simply because they are that "Type-A" person that just stands out.

Because Fire-types are so driven and focused, they can become this way with their food as well: there are two sides to this coin...

They can be so regimented and particular that their eating habits can become more of an issue for other people (trying to keep up Fire-types' standards) rather than seeming to hinder themselves.

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On the other-hand, when Fire-types are so focused on other things like work or study that they easily lose focus of their eating habits and consume large amounts of food in one sitting.

The Fire-type is the Type that is most likely to binge eat. They naturally have a large appetite, for life in general including: adventure, drive for success and achievement, and the literal sense of having a substantial appetite.

In may seem fortunate that Fire-types are also blessed with an equally active metabolism, but if a Fire-type goes too long (months,or years for others) with unhealthy eating habits, it does eventually catch up to them.

Be mindful about eating during the Holidays. Especially Fire-types!

Is your routine thrown off therefor diverting your focus? Is the time you would usually spend working or going to the gym thwarted by driving to a destination, sitting for hours and eating?

Find some way to keep those healthy and helpful routines in your life. Perhaps replace work-time with some time for reading or focused quality time with love-ones. If your gym is closed on the holidays, plan an exercise activity with friends, try something new... overall, keep your focus!

On the other hand, it can actually be quite helpful for a Fire-type to have to adjust their focus a bit as they can become hyper-focused and get in a rut: but in regard to the topic of food, it is helpful for them to keep some focus, for when Fire-types go into "vacation" mode, they go all-in; kicking healthy habits to the curb.

Maybe you are one of these hyper-focused Fire-types whose normally stringent habits could use a temporary kicking to the curb. That's what You-niversal Self-care is all about... knowing your body so you can help your body find balance.

So, why the bit about 

"The wrong person made the mashed potatoes?"

Well, the Fire-type will tell you exactly how they want their favorite holiday foods (including who should make it) and are not afraid to comment when the food is not right.

The delivery of the message can vary from straight-forward, to comical to snide; it just depends on the Emotional Intelligence of the Fire-type. (Be sure to stay tuned for more relationship and Body-typing coming soon!)

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