Sep 8, 2015

You've Asked for my Healthy Recipes for Years... Here They are... Get my Free Weight Free Wellness Cookbook!

I have to laugh at myself...

I consider myself a well-organized person in general, but for some reason, when it comes to my recipes... they are all over the place!

Putting together this cookbook not only will make it easier to share my recipes, it will also help me to be able to find my own recipes! Lol

While this is a work-in-progress, already there is a nice variety of recipes; from wholesome breakfasts, to creative salads, old family favorites and even some 'raw' recipes and home remedies. Many are Dairy Free and Gluten Free!

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Heck Yeah! I found some #HEALTHY #DF GF #Recipes in this Free Cookbook! #WeightFreeWellness

My style of cooking is wholesome and simple. 

I share insights on how to find quality sources for local foods and unique traditional food preparation perspective along with medicinal properties of some foods.

Of course, I included Body-typing insights, so this is a type of companion to my first book You-niversal Self-care: Improved Health Through Self-Understanding!

You will learn how each recipe suits each Body-type Earth, Fire, Air and Water and similarly, which seasons are best to eat what for each type. (Want to know your Body-type? Get the Simple, Insightful and Free Body-type Assessment here!)

Additionally, for some recipes I provide modifications for certain Body-types; which you may find to be helpful insight to 'picky eating'.

As a subscriber, you will receive the latest updates (about every 2 weeks) with more pictures, step-by-step tutorials, highly resourceful glossary, and many more recipes and improvements!

Do you have a Mac computer, iPad or iPhone? Download the iBook version and take advantage of the beautiful Table of Contents, Glossary, Videos and much more!

It's all Here! Click on the image below...